Tenku Ryugin will relocate to Central at 2021 Fall


[Sep 21, 2020.Hong Kong] Global Link aims to bring world-class gastronomic experience to Hong Kong. Since 2012, we introducing Tenku RyuGin, the first overseas branch of the legendary Nihonryori RyuGin, from Tokyo to to Hong Kong ICC 101/F, and is popular among diners and industry.

Our founder chef Seiji Yamamoto never step back, after 9 years, he would like to bring a new and extraordinary experience to Hong Kong customer, we decided temporarily close Tenku Ryugin on end of October 2020 and planning relocate to Central on Fall of 2021.

Thanks for continuous supporting, and we look forward to meet you soon in our brand new Tenku Ryugin.

Team of Tenku Ryugin
Sep 2020

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