Tasting Menu Presenting the Seasonality of Japanese Produce 

“Shirako” cod fish milt wrapped with Yunnan ham and shiso leaf “Tokoroten” seaweed jelly in pure tomato juice

Hokkaido “Kegani” crab dumpling and
grilled Iwate “Shiitake” mushroom
in “Ichibandashi” broth

Toyama “Buri” amberjack with citrus soy sauce and grated radish
Pickled “Buri” with Japanese lemon and radish

Kanagawa “Aoriika” squid with
sea salt and citrus,
sesame oil and coriander,
Hokkaido “Uni” sea urchin

“Chawanmushi” steamed egg custard topped with
tender Mie ”Hamaguri” clam and celery

Charcoal grilled Takeoka “Tachiuo” hair tail wrapped
“Shuto” pickled bonito intestines and Perigord black truffle

Kelp cured Mie “Iseebi” lobster with
creamy soymilk skin, turnip, lobster white miso sauce

Charcoal grilled Bresse pigeon breast with
pigeon stock marinated “Yamawasabi” horseradish

Hokkaido “Ikura” salmon roe
served with steamed rice

RyuGin specialty
-196 ℃ candy pear and +99 ℃ pear jam

Pan fried
Ibaraki chestnut egg cake with shaved chestnut

HK$2,380 per person, 10% service charge applies


* We recommend one-month booking in advance for customized menu, due to needs in sourcing for best-fit ingredient.
* In case of unavailability of certain requested dish, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss possible alternatives.
* We at Tenku RyuGin value the importance of seasonal ingredients, and we do not wish to compromise our guests’ enjoyment by using ingredients that are not in their prime season, hence, final menu is subject to Chef’s decision according to the availability of best-in-season ingredients.
* Charges is subject to adjustment in accordance with the final menu.
* This menu is not applicable on 24thth, 25thth and 31st of December 2019.